New Driving Tests in Alberta Starting April 1, 2023

New Driving Tests in Alberta Starting April 1, 2023
The new driving tests in Alberta requires learner(s) to undergo more training from driving schools to prepare for the exam. The new test is designed to be more comprehensive and evaluate a driver's skills and knowledge in a greater range of situations, including driving in traffic, handling distractions, and navigating through complex intersections.

In Vehicle Evaluation: One of the key changes in the new driving test is the inclusion of more in-vehicle evaluation. This means that drivers will be evaluated on their ability to perform basic driving maneuvers, such as turning, parking, and merging, as well as more complex skills, such as driving in busy street, uncontrolled intersections and highways.

Long Test Duration: Road test are now approximately 45 minutes long, which is longer than the previous test. This allows examiners have more time to evaluate a driver's abilities and skill. Driving test includes more testing on driver safety and defensive driving techniques. This is intended to ensure that drivers are prepared to react to potential hazards on the road and avoid accidents.

More Drivers Training: For learner(s) / new drivers and even foreign experienced drivers requires more training and practice before they can pass the test. This will likely result in an increased demand for driver education programs, such as driving schools, to help new drivers prepare for the test.

Road Test Preparation: To pass the new road test, drivers will need to have a solid understanding of traffic laws and safe driving practices, as well as the ability to handle different driving conditions, such as adverse weather or construction zones. This means that learners will need more training from driving schools to prepare them for the new test. Driving schools can help learners build their skills and knowledge through classroom instruction, practical driving lessons, and mock tests. They can also provide guidance and support to learners throughout the training process, helping them build confidence and reduce anxiety about the test.

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